welcome to my crazy little blog run my me, nora. welcome to a place you might be confused about at first. welcome to my life, with all it’s weirdness and messed-up-ness. but, there’s also more than that to this blog. there’s love. there’s friendship. there’s equality. and, apparently, there’s cheesy stuff that everyone has heard about five million other times in their life. so hey, hi, hello, and welcome, to this one heck of a blog. 😀



today is a v grim day for me.

I feel like I partially caused an accident. the kind with cars, people, and blood involved.

so my family has been trying to move for some months now, and I like to look at potential houses and tell my parents about them who proceed to inform our unofficial realtor/good friend  to look at the house(s) if they deem it worthy enough.

one house had a lot of potential for us so after seeing from the outsides by ourselves we went to call our friend (lets call him mr. doe) for a tour of the inside.

my family and I get to the house and wait for him outside. suddenly, my dad gets a phone call, from mr. doe. my mom and I don’t hear what mr. doe is saying (my sister was sleeping) but do hear my dad saying something like “oh my gosh! did you call the police? did you call?” when the phone unexpectedly hung up, we started asking my dad what’s wrong. then I hear the news. mr. doe was turning when another car hit him from the side. he sounded like he was seriously injured.

now, we all drive up the road that the accident was on, but we can’t find it. after going the opposite direction, we saw the crash. my dad parked the car in a parking lot and told me to stay in the car and watch my sister. after my dad and mom talked to the police, they came back to the car. my parents said that, luckily, he wasn’t unconscious and that the police say it isn’t life threatening. my mom started to mention the blood and I told her to stop, because blood and injuries and everything in that department is something I try to stay away from.

on the way back home, I kept on feeling like I had a role in causing the accident. like, it was me that even found the house in the first place. if my parents never saw the house they would’ve never wanted a tour. if they hadn’t wanted a tour, mr. doe  wouldn’t even had had to be on that road.

it all went so fast.

right now, my dad and his close friend (who’s friend with mr. doe) are at the hospital. like I said, he’ll be okay. nothing too major. the injury was basically just a big nosebleed.

but, his car is like completely messed up. like, completely bashed in from the side.

at least he’s getting a new car (?)


10 billion wives

its review time!

dedicated to ameee who found the game

10 billion wives

a game where the goal is simple: get wives. 10 billion of them. the actual description is “all you can marry! a game to get married to as many girls as you like!”

screenshots of the game:


first you are told to “hand in 15 marriage registration” which means to basically get 15 wives by tapping 15 times.


and after you get that, you spend your wives to finally get a wife you can see, named “apron wife.” you have to keep on tapping until you get to 240 wives. the apron wives also helps in the wife collecting process.


so here, I have enough wives to get this wife.


and here I am getting my second wife, which you can see in the back with the green kimono. her name is “kimono wife”

this game is weird, in a bad way. but  you probably could have guessed that before you even bought it so yeah. weirder than that is the fact that it’s been downloaded over 100,000 times and rated 4.6/5 on the google play store.

to sum it up, this game was *ahem* “different” and you should try it out if you have nothing to do during the day.


15 facts

I feel like making a post. right now.

inspired by shei’s “10 no fluff posts for lifestyle bloggers.” I am doing a 15 facts about me (that you won’t find in my bio)

1. I am allergic to mosquito bites.

2. I got stabbed in the left cheek by a desk leg by running away from a friend who was chasing me with cheese and tripping.

3. I hate yellow bananas. green bananas are okay but you will never get me to eat a yellow banana.

4. my favorite kind of chocolate is white chocolate.

5. my favorite colors are blue, white, and light pink,

6. my only sister is 8 years younger than me.

7. I do not like chocolate oreos at all. they taste like dark chocolate, and I don’t like dark chocolate either.

8. I made my first blog at age 7. actually, my dad did, I just posted.

9. I am teaching myself to do henna. I don’t really suck that much anymore *thumbs up*

10. I like moving. like, I know I might lose contact with some friends, but a fresh new start in a fresh new house seems appealing to me.

11. I have gone to 5 different schools (counting transfers and finishing grades), and am starting a new one this fall.

12. I am ok with most horror movies as long as there are no jump scares and I know no one will get hurt/die by the end.

13. I went to great Britain when I was 3 for a couple of days.

14. I am super indecisive.

15. my favorite band is walk the moon <+>

now you know more about me and think that I am a weirdo. YAY MY GOAL HAS BEEN ACHIEVEDDDDDD *thumbs up x198*


today, I am at home, with nothing but looking at houses (my family’s trying to move) and shopping accomplished for the day.

today, we were supposed go to a farm 50 miles away to pick fresh, ripe fruits and veggies.

and why didn’t we go? because of an inaccurate weather forecast. that’s it. it was supposed to be raining today through (what appears to be) all of virginia but nope. rather than a tiny drizzle in the morning, not a drop of water fell from the sky today.

the government is telling us LIES



but seriously though, I am really bummed because we thought was really going to rain. I so looking forward to the trip, considering its one of the rare days where both of my parents have a day off.

oh well. look on the bright side. I went shopping! oh my I so bad but I seriously love shopping. even if its at a walmart. the quality sucks but the savings tho $o$

book recommendations

sorry for inactivity .-.

I’m gonna try to get post more often, but I run out of content to write about. what can I say, my life is boring.

anyways, I have a summer reading project, and considering more than half of my summer is already gone, I better get started.

so I have to read 2 fiction books and 1 non fiction book (preferably around the independence and freedom theme, but that’s not too important), and then do like a mini book report on each one of them. I was wondering if you guys have any book recommendations that I should read. try not to include that much romance or books that are really long (let’s say, more than 350 pages).

and if your school uses lexile/quantile, my lexile is like 1150-1350.

sorry I’m wayyy too picky 🙄

oh well

hair problems

I have the weirdest hair ever. So, rant on my hair.

1. Heatless Curls are Impossible
If I ever (dare) to put in rope braids or something for heatless curls over night, 1 out of these 2 things will happen. Either a.) it’ll poof up into the frizziest mess ever, or b.) it’ll look amazing…for an hour. And since my parents hate putting heat on my hair, I can’t use a curler, straightener, etc.

2. Half & Half
Whenever my hair dries after going to the pool, taking a shower, etc. it turns into a half curly, have straight contraption. This even happens whenever option b of the heatless curls happen. I looked it up on google and apparently, one head of hair can have 2 growing patterns. The more you know!

3. Takes Forever to Dry
…and by forever I mean like 3-4 hours, on average. idk I’m impatient.

I probably have more but I cant think of them rn.

I just realize how annoying this whole thing must sound.

Oh well. Sorry 🙄

if you have annoying hair issues, comment about it. People who complain live longer ;).


so far, summer has turned out to be one big disappointment.

first of all, I only have like 3 people I know that live in a walking distance. one of which my parents don’t know (so I can’t like go to their house or even meet up with them at like a park) and another of which turned out to be a backstabbing little sucker. and I’m actually kind of close to other one, but I can’t go to their house every day bc life.

then, it’s Ramadan which is a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset for Muslims. so that means I can’t go anywhere bc both of my parents are hungry and tired and so am I.

but, Ramadan is about to end in like a week. so then my parents’ work comes in. it’s really hard for my mom to get a day off so it’s going to be hard to do anything as a family.



hopefully things will get better more interesting around here.